The SDL Foundation 
 To provide support for sustainable, structural  
 development that improves the quality of life for  
 disadvantaged communities around the globe. 

SDL Foundation

The SDL Foundation is committed to supporting sustainable development for communities across the globe. We achieve this by providing financial grants for programs which are aligned with our primary focus of: 

  • Building physical and economic infrastructures 
  • Assisting community advancements
  • Promoting self-sufficiency
As an international organization working in over 30 countries worldwide, SDL strives to make a significant and positive impact in the countries where it operates and supports the efforts of their employees in their own charitable activities. All SDL employees are actively encouraged to nominate and sponsor deserving causes in their local communities. SDL employees or groups of employees actively participate in helping the recipients of SDL Foundation funding to achieve their goals.

UK charity

The SDL Foundation is a UK charity, registered with the Charity Commission (registered charity no. 1127138) and is managed by an independent Trustee committee, chaired by ex SDL CFO, Alastair Gordon. To show its commitment to the SDL Foundation, the SDL Board has resolved to donate a percentage of the Group's pre tax profits to the SDL Foundation each year. In December 2008, as the Foundation became fully operational, we received £250,000 from SDL plc. 

The SDL Foundation comprises just one part of the SDL Corporate Social Responsibility Policy designed to ensure that SDL provides a positive contribution to the areas in which it operates. 

If you would like to understand more regarding the Foundation and this aspect of SDL's CSR then please contact SDLFoundation@sdl.com

Employee involvement

At SDL, we know that people are the most important ingredient in success. That's why we actively encourage our employees to become involved with worthy causes and offer the means to extend this support through the help of the SDL Foundation.

SDL encourages the charitable endeavours of their employees and encourage them to become actively involved in the causes that they support. All projects supported by the SDL Foundation have been presented by an SDL Employee sponsor who is actively involved in the charitable cause and who is responsible, along with an SDL Executive sponsor, for the success of the initiative. SDL Employees create regional groups in SDL’s worldwide offices to provide support for the the SDL Foundation. 

Regional Foundation groups provide: 

  • Regular forum for brainstorming 
  • Focus and momentum 
  • Supply of applications