Our customers 
 42 of the 50 top global 
 brands are SDL customers 

Our customers are top global brands

We have over 1,500 enterprise customers, and a network of more than 400 trusted partners, who use our solutions to deliver exceptional global customer experiences. Why do the top brands work with SDL?

  • Insights: Customers now provide information expecting it to enhance their experience of your brand. Use data-driven insights to understand and predict your customers’ interests, needs and motivations.
  • Orchestration: Empower your employees to understand and meet customer needs and to work effectively across business silos, channels and markets. Our solutions and processes flex to meet your business, not the other way round.
  • Contextual Experiences: Create engaging experiences for your customers regardless of how or where they engage. We understand that customer experiences need to feel compelling and effortless to make a customer feel connected to your brand.

Don’t just take it from us! You can see if we really do help top global brands by watching these customer testimonials.

The Share Centre

"Our future plans for mobile are very exciting. SDL Mobile have given us a fantastic stable platform, but one which is incredibly flexible such so that that are many directions we can take. So, we're incredibly excited about the future and looking forward to working with SDL Mobile in the future to." - Phil Hammett, Head of Channel Marketing at The Share Centre

Mandarin Oriental

Ensuring the same luxurious experience for global customers on the web as you would get at Mandarin Oriental’s luxury hotels. Christoph Oberli, VP eCommerce and Interactive.


Delivering the right information in any language and through any media – including web or print. Choi Yoo-sik, Senior Leader SCM.


Improving the global customer experience by delivering solutions to a global audience more consistently, more effectively and more efficiently. Chris Boorman, Chief Marketing Officer.