Corporate Citizenship

SDL's focus on corporate social responsibility


We recognize the obligation we have to the societies in which we operate. We want to be a model citizen – it is not just about what we do and where we operate, but how we operate really does matter. Our corporate social responsibility goals are in the primary areas of: 

  • Employee involvement - development and engagement 
  • Preservation of the environment 
  • Support to communities through the SDL Foundation, which aims to promote sustainable development

Employee involvement

The SDL employees around the globe are a primary source of competitive advantage. They are focused on delivering excellence and contributing directly to the success of the clients they serve. 

As a team we embrace the core values of innovation, collaboration and communication and place strong emphasis on teamwork and effective working between SDL employees for the benefit of SDL as a whole. 

In turn, SDL strives to provide a challenging and inspirational environment which enables our employees to maximise their personal growth and development potential.

Protecting our environment

As a socially responsible organization with an engaging CSR profile, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Whilst our impact on the environment is low due to the nature of our operation, we have nevertheless pledged to limit our contribution to climate change by managing and counteracting our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our key implementation activities include: 

  • Extending the measurement of carbon footprints to other SDL sites 
  • Strategic sourcing to reduce environmental impact 
  • Optimising the energy efficiency of existing and new offices and equipment 
  • Implementing strategies to reduce waste 

In 2011 we extended our measurements to benchmark our offices in: the USA, (Superior); The Netherlands (Amsterdam); and Japan (Tokyo). We also report back on the progress we have made at our Head Office in Maidenhead relative to the baseline measured in 2010. 

We have established an overall target to progressively reduce our tCO2e/FTE emissions by over 5% per annum over three years for these four offices in the 2011 scope.

Supporting our communities - the SDL Foundation charity

The SDL Foundation continues to support less fortunate communities worldwide. The investment emphasis is on sustainable projects and educational or vocational training that deliver real change. The active participation of SDL employees is a crucial part of the work of the Foundation and together we forge positive relationships with the communities in which we operate and enable them to make a real difference to the lives and future of those we support. Find out about the causes the SDL Foundation is supporting.